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In an era where mergers and acquisitions rule the window and door industry, and many small companies have been absorbed into multi-national fenestration conglomerates, Shamrock remains dedicated to its independent California roots. Since our founding in 1986 we have been privately owned, skillfully managed and independently operated. We provide beautiful windows and doors with incredible attention to detail. When we have good ideas, we implement them without bureaucracy. It’s that simple.

Our motto, a quality point of view begins in our Laguna Hills, California our office near the Pacific shoreline where we have installed bi-fold doors and windows, lift and slides, multi-slides, French doors, entry doors and windows.

Our business is based on the belief that when you provide real value, you create customers for life. With pride in handcraftsmanship, real world experience and just the right amount of technological advancement, we provide beautiful, American-crafted products that reflect that belief. We use low-V.O.C. factory finishes to keep our community and your family safe, and we give back to our community that has given our family a dream paradise to rise our children.

Quality Materials

Located in the California seaside town of Laguna Hills, we’re lucky to be able to look out and see the ocean every day. It inspires us. It reminds us of the beauty we want each of our products to embody. And it even helped us realize our slogan: “Quality Whether You Want or Not.” That’s what we want each of our customers to experience when they purchase an Shamrock product – that quality point of view that comes from knowing you own a product that will provide you with beauty and enjoyment for years to come. We’re a privately-owned business, and that means we understand the importance of building relationships. We value each of our clients individually and strive to make every interaction as pleasant and helpful as possible. We build every door as if it were going to be installed in our own home. When you dial our number, we’ll answer. We’ll be ready – and able – to answer your questions so you can be sure you’re getting a custom solution that’s ideal for your unique needs

Great design, extraordinary customer service and a fair price are the foundations of our philosophy and practice. We assemble, hang and swing every door system in our factory before prepping for delivery, so great fit and finish are guaranteed. Handcrafted attention to detail, steady growth and industry-leading production times are the benchmarks by which we measure our success.

Thank you for considering Shamrock for your fenestration needs, and we are confident you will come to share our quality point of view.

History Of How We Started.

Since 1986, Dan and Jackie Gagan, owners of Shamrock Windows and Doors, have been committed to excellence. Dan Gagan has been in the business for more than twenty-one years, beginning as a crew helper, then becoming an installer, then lead installer and now the owner of Shamrock, where our motto, “Quality whether you want it or not,” is the standard by which we operate. We want each customer to feel that the quality they receive exceeds their expectations. At the end of the day, we want the customer to feel good about their purchase and that they made the purchase for the right reasons. Dan Gagan is confident that the products Shamrock offers will fit a customer’s needs. He is most proud of his staff, which includes employees who have been with him for many years. His sales staff has combined experience of more than 25 years. His installation crew is led by an installer who has been with him for more than five years, and has over ten years of experience. His administrative staff includes his wife and daughter.
Gagan operates Shamrock under California state license No. 678380. Shamrock has operated in the city of Laguna Hills for over 16 years. The showroom offers the opportunity to operate life-size windows and doors and to speak with a sales representative who will review the options available to you.

Our Story                    

Dan and Jackie Gagan are no strangers to the highs and lows of a Minnesota season, and have taken their weather expertise straight to the market with Shamrock Windows and Doors. In 1986, Dan began in the business sweeping the shop floors of a wood window and door company. Quickly progressing to building the doors and windows which led him to the field, when he began installing them himself. ” I started my own business because I felt we could do better.”

Escaping to the milder California climate 31 years ago, Dan and Jackie have built their business on the firm belief that they are giving customers the best quality service and products, “in today’s technological market.” Being comfortable in one’s home is tantamount to their customer service guarantee; “we want to make sure our customers are happy. We have a 93% referral rate, and repeat customer base.

Carrying both a glazing and a general contracting license, Shamrock is also unique in that they do not need to subcontract jobs out. “Our installers are all company employees: and we back the work all work perform, “says Dan “

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